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Carbide Rods, Bars, Blanks

Tungsten carbide rods are mostly used in the precision cutting Tools and other Industries, for making Solid Carbide drill bits, end mills, and reamers, and some are used to make punches and wear parts.etc.

Usually, the Solid Carbide Rods are with sub-micron grain Grade and ultra-fine grain grade,wich can be used for cast iron, non-ferrous precision cutting, titanium alloys, hardened steel.etc.

Rydmet Carbide Technologiess Limited has become the industry leader in top quality Tungsten Carbide Rods, Blanks, Preforms, Carbide Tubes, Carbide Strips, Bars. Etc. All of our Carbide Rods, Blanks, Bars, Preforms are made by extruding and HIPed, which can make our carbide products have a very excellent properties and tool life.

The Carbide Rods are ground in our company by imported ( from Italy) Centerless Grinding Machiness, besides the standard h6 tolerance, we can make h5, even h4 tolerance if there is a demand by our clients. For the 330 mm ground carbide rods, the run-out ( bending) can be within 0.05mm, that is almost the best grinding quality in this industry.

Our Extruded Carbide include:

a)Solid Carbide Round Rod – Round Rod is available in numerous sizes and grades.

Diameters available from 0.8mm up to 50mm.

b) Rods with 1 Central hole – made to order and available in many sizes and grades

c) Rods with 2 holes – available in numerous sizes and grades

Carbide Rods with 2 parallel coolant holes

Carbide Rods with 2 twisted holes, 30 degree

Carbide Rods with 2 twisted holes, 40 degree

d) Ground Round Rod, in 330 mm or cut-to-length.

e) Cemented Carbide Tool Blanks, for Rotary Tools:

Carbide Twist Drill Blanks, Carbide Reamer Blanks, Carbide End Mill Blanks, Carbide Router Blanks. PCB Blanks.

g) Carbide Tubes,Carbide Pipes,Carbide Tubings

h) Cemented Carbide Boring Bar Blanks, Carbide Deep Hole Drill Blanks

i) Cemented Carbide Gun Drill Blanks

Carbide Gun Drill Blank with 1 kidney hole

Carbide Gun Drill Blank with 2 round holes

j) Cemented Carbide Plates, Carbide Flat, Carbide Strips

We can also Custom-make the Tungsten Carbide products as per your specific demand as sample or Prints.

Carbide Rods, Bars, Blanks


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